Juggleball Privacy Policy

This site, values the privacy of its users. The primary feature on this site, at the moment, is a virtual game called "Vagabond Spirits"

The site does not place cookies on the computers of casual users. The site will use cookies to help trace the activities of the players.

The site is funded through advertising. These are the ads. Currently we are using banners from Avantlink and Share-A-Sale. Here is the Avantlink Privacy Policy and the Share-A-Sale privacy policy. The advertisers track clicks on the banners and credit sales to this site.

Users can register directly with the site. We also use the "oauth" feature from SteemIt, FitBit, or Google for authentication.

I record the IP addresses of all visitors to the site. I create and record a session, using cookies, for the players who log into the site. I will use the session information to investigate any occurrence of fraud on the site.

Juggleball - Vagabond Spirit

Juggleball Vagabond Spirit is publishing platform for a fantasy game. The idea is that the vagabond spirit of a player leaves the body of the player and starts roaming the globe.

The program will publish the location of these fictional entities.

It is possible to start the game at points throughout the globe. I personally think that it is more entertaining to start at a point that is not too terribly far from a place that one is familiar with.

If your spirit starts in the town where you live; then it would be possible for other players to deduce the town where you live.

The game allows players to use anonymous handles. You can also play the game without a handle in which case your character would be identified by a numeric id.

Vagabond Spirit Exchange

The game will include fantasy exchanges in which players buy art and trade bits for millies (a milly is a thousandth of a dollar). I actively track session data related to the exchanges.

The Open Ledger

The program publishes transactions related to the exchanges in an open ledger. So, it will be possible for the public at large to track the experiences of the vagabond spirits thorugh the open ledger.

Hackers Are Users Too

As I was writing this policy I began thinking about my experience web programming. The sites I own are subject to an unending barage of cyber attacks including brute force attacks on login pages, SQL injection, DDOS and other hacking attempts.

Technically speaking, a person who is running a brute force attack against my site is using the site.

I do not respect the privacy of hackers. I record the IP addresses of hackers along with their various attempts at XSS, DSSL, Brute Force Password Attacks and SQL Injection attacks. I am happy to provide law enforcement any and all inforamtion I obtain in analyzing the data from these attacks.