Shoe Acquisition

I walked 10K steps a day for most of 2021. Unfortunately, I realized that I would wear out my New Balance shoes before summer's end and gave up the 10K steps routine in September. I decided to start again for 2021. This year I bought a pair of Xero Shoes.

Xero Shoes is a brand of Barefoot Running Shoes. These minimalist shoes have a durable running shoes. I confess, I bought Xero Shoes as they have an affiliate program. I might get a commission on sales if a user clicked on the links on this page and bought a pair.

I emphasize "might." There are numerous software programs and "browser helper objects" which strip off the tags. Some simply delete the tag in the name of privacy. Others replace the tag with their own.

I will use revenue from the ads to help pay the hosting fees for the Vagabond Spirit game.

The hosting fees are $12 a month. If ever I make more money than the hosting fees, I will use the funds for a rewards program withing the game.

Back to the Shoes

The shoes have a durable, yet flexible sole (see first photo). Xero Shoes says that the shoes will last for 5000 miles. Xero Shoes says that their shoes will last 5000 miles. Assuming 2500 steps in a mile, I should be able to walk 12,500,000 steps before needing a new pair of shoes.

The shoes seem to run a half size short. The second photo shows my fancy new Xero Shoes compared to my old shoes. Both shoes are 8½ mens. The shoes are quite narrow in the toe. I wish they made an extra wide shoe.

Xero Shoes sells kits that let people make their own sandals. The kit costs substantially less than the shoes; So, I should have bought that instead. The problem is that I tend to stub my toe when I wear sandals.

Regardless, I highly recommend the brand. The basic idea of a minimalist shoes is that one can improve one's walking and running style with a shoe that adapts to the feet, rather than trying to adapt the feet to the shoe.

Xero Shoes

This picture shoes that the shoes run a half size small.

half size short